Donating Household Goods and Clothing

At various stages during the move to London, living in London, and end of tenancy, you may be interested in making donations of goods, and perhaps resources, to various UK charities.

Where to donate clothing is a common question among expats. Recycling clothes or giving them to charity is a kind, selfless gesture that can help raise vital funds. But it can also typically take a decent amount of effort or research.


How can I donate household goods (furniture, small items, electrical equipment, etc.) and clothing?

Here are several links to the charities that would come and collect heavy items and/or clothing from your home:

Helpful Tips

Clothes for Charity is a secure, online way to donate clothes to more
than 200 good causes — many of whom don’t have charity shops, facilities for textile recycling, or charity bins. They aim to see that you feel confident that your clothes will arrive safely and your chosen charity will get the proceeds.

All you have to do is nominate your charity, request a donation bag and arrange a collection from a place that suits you. They will email to let you know your clothes arrived safely. And best of all, while most clothes collection schemes only give £70 per tonne to the charity, they give £200, which means charities can do even more great work with your generous donation.

The online registration process is very easy. Clothes for Charity will send you your donation bag free of charge, and they will arrive to pick up the bag at the time and date that works for you, again, free of charge.

To find out more about how it works, click here.

To view the full list of charities supported, click here.

 Useful Interet Links: