The area of Greater London contains 32 London boroughs and they are administered by "London Borough Councils‟. Depending on where you live, your council is responsible for: education, leisure and recreation, parks, libraries, local transport, rubbish collection and recycling and more. Most boroughs have a website, usually the name of the borough followed by

Both Central London and the county surrounding London of Surrey, Kingston, Richmond, Hampstead are very popular locations for new comers to live in. Central London is composed of different zones and regions and each reflect the price of housing, cost of living, accessibility to various amenities, schooling districts and nightlife. There are different types of houses:

Detached, semi-detached (two Houses together)



Terraced (several houses joined together) houses and flats

Mansion flats

The website will give you a full description of the postcode area including information on location, transport, housing, people, nightlife, leisure and shops.

If you would like to get an idea of the London market, have a look at the following websites: and


It is important to note that most visitors will need transformers or three-prong adapters to use electrical appliances in the United Kingdom. These items are also available in most supermarkets in the UK.

Electricity and Gas

There are many suppliers with a wide range of prices and service. It is recommended to set up utility accounts in both names if applicable, so that both individuals can request help to deal with problems. The consultant dealing with your tenancy agreement will assist with connecting the services.


The water company is fixed according to the area you live. If you have a  meter installed, water is charged by the cubic meter. Bills are sent out annually and can be paid in a number of ways as stated in your bill.


To legally operate a television in the UK, you must purchase a license. A license covers all the television sets at the registered address. Yearly renewal notices come in the post. For more information and to apply for a license go to
Most TVs receive five basic channels, however to upgrade, find the cable companies servicing your particular region for cable and digital cable.


The major companies that provide telephones and infrastructure are British Telecom (BT), TalkTalk and NTL.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone contracts can be purchased on a monthly or “pay as you go” basis. You need to have established credit or a good financial background with bills paid to apply for annual contracts.


Many Internet Service Providers offer a variety of packages like „metered‟ access, pay-as-you-go and broadband services. The broadband service has the advantage that it keeps your telephone line free and it has a faster connection. You may need two months to set up a broadband connection.