Social groups and networks

In a new environment, a good way to shake up your social life is by joining some social clubs. They provide opportunities to meet new friends, share interests and make it easy for you to spend your leisure time doing something you enjoy. Also, there are some clubs which are especially for professionals, where you can attend targeted strategizing and beneficial workshops and seek business connections.

To find social clubs in your area, you could go to Social Clubs Network.

Here are some groups that you may be interested in:

  • KCWC--Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club  it is a non-profit, volunteer organisation formed to foster friends’ friendship and interaction among women of all ages and nationalities living in and around London.
  • PWC--Petroleum Women’s Club    Membership in this international social club is open to ALL women who have an interest in the Greater London Area and would enjoy the friendship of this organisation. Membership is not limited to those associated with the petroleum and energy sectors. ALL women are welcome.
  • Expat Women   It is the largest global website helping women living overseas.
  • American in Britain  It is the leading, quarterly, glossy magazine for American expatriates living and working in the UK, and is distributed to over 50,000 Americans each year.
  • The Oyster Club  It organizes business networking events in London.
  • Gyms, Fitness & Wellbeing, Health Clubs   Health clubs in numerous areas such as Hull, Battersea, Windsor, etc