Services from Team Relocation and Outpost London

Team Relocation is a professional relocation company contracted by Shell to help you with your relocation process. Their services include (subject to contract):

  • Immigration
  • Advice on legislation
  • Town Hall and IDN registration
  • Arrival briefing
  • Airport transfer
  • Moving your belongings
  • Car hire
  • Temporary accommodation (hotel)
  • Transit accommodation (max. 3-6 months)
  • Permanent accommodation
  • Orientation tour

Outpost London provides non-contractual information and support to Shell employees and their families especially prior to their move to London, during and after their assignment. The organisation is staffed with Shell partners and offers information and professional service on most aspects of living abroad. Outpost London complements the information provided by Expatriate services in Shell and by Team Relocation Group, including:

  • Housing
  • Questions related to the move (such as bringing your pet)
  • Schooling
  • Settling-In Sessions
  • Welcome pack
  • Leisure opportunities
  • Information on medical services/system
  • Practical advise and workshops on employment and study opportunities for Shell partners
  • Networking with the expat community

Outpost London will maintain confidentiality of information in all aspects of their dealings with clients whilst Outpost will remain committed to the principles of diversity and inclusiveness and independence.

General Information

Anyone who has relocated or supported an expatriate move will know how important it is to make the process as easy as possible. Please click from the list on the left to check some basic items that might be helpful to your move.

Help is now at hand with a new DVD from Shell’s Expatriate Policy team. The DVD contains 30 three-minute films covering everything from general International Mobility policy overviews  to tax issues to consider before expatriation. Please contact Outpost The Hague to receive the DVD or log in details for the online version.

Please also check the International Mobility website on the Shell Wide Web which details contractual information relevant to our particular assignment status  (i.e. short term International assignment,  Long Term International  Assignment or Local Non National)

The Expatriate Shared Service Centre will take care of your briefing on contractual matters. They will also forward your details on to Team Relocations.  

Please contact Outpost London on any questions and issues related to your transition. We are happy to help.