Required Documents/Entering the UK

Before departures make sure you have all relevant documents ready. 

To enter the UK, you and members of your family who travel with you must have valid passports and visas where required. Notional Identity Cards for Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) are also acceptable within the EEA. For information about your visa and working permit please contact your transfer advisor from HR service centre.

It is useful and advised to carry the following document with you: documents confirming your assignment, current driver’s license, children immunization booklets, marriage certificate, birth certificate, insurance documents, and letters pertaining to your financial history.

No vaccination certificates are required for entry into the UK from any country except for travellers arriving from an area of yellow fever infection. Persons not appearing to be in good health may be required to undergo a medical check prior to entry.

Finding A School

You might want to make this a priority if you have shcool-age children as good schools are filled up very quickly.

Check the education session in Children page for more information about the UK education system as well as some comparison websites.

Emotional Life Cycle

It is normal to feel down when we realise what we left and the difficulties we have to face. Sharie with others who went trough it is a good way to overcome it – talking about our feelings. Outpost is a place where to meet others with similar experiences. Join a group is another good way to find your space in the new country.


Coming home can be as hard as leaving, sometimes even harder. Here is an interesting article on 'Repatriation Blues' from WSJ. Again, talk, share, and get prepared.

Employee Assistance Programme

Shell employees and partners have access to Bupa Employee Assistance, which provide a completely confidential support service for your emotional wellbeing. Click here for more information (log-in required).