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Outpost London is part of the Global Outpost Network offering unique practical support, complementing Shell terms and conditions, to help Shell expatriate employees, their partners and families with the challenges of global mobility. Outpost exists in over 60 locations around the world, almost all locations where Shell has a business presence.

This unique organization is supported by Shell and provides practical, non-contractual information to all Shell people as they face the challenges of international mobility.  You can ask us questions about Life in London so you can make informed decisions,  before you accept the assignment to London. We offer comprehensive information, resources and professional advice based on the collated experiences of expatriate and repatriate families on location on matters relating to relocation, settling-in, repatriation, and for the Shell accompanied partner - advise and networking on career, personal and professional development.

Outpost London helps you manage your expectations before you arrive into London and we are here for you as you settle into your life here, we'll help build your network, and provide you tips to make the best of your time in London, and assist when you plan to leave. 

We look forward to welcoming and meeting you!


To offer comprehensive information, resources and practical services of a non-contractual nature,  complementary to the terms and conditions of Shell HR, to assist employees, their partners and families as they face the challenges of global mobility.


Pre-arrival: We offer advice and guidance on things that need attention before arrival. For example, current information on (but not limited to) the UK schooling system and housing situation, health and medical services available, banking, bringing pets along with you, and what (and what not to) bring along with you as you navigate through your pre-relocation process.

The Move to London : We welcome you virtually and when you physically arrive, provide you with a Welcome Pack and run Settling-In Sessions so you benefit from one of us who has "been-there, done-that" and start to make the most of Living in London. 

During your stay: Our comprehensive service includes answering  your personal queries; organise informative seminars, workshops and social events; update and keep you informed and connected to our Outpost London Community to help you survive this vibrant city of London.

We keep you informed via our Outpost London website, weekly mailing list and via Outpost London Closed Group on Facebook. 

Additionally, we offer practical assistance to partners wanting to continue, develop, adapt, give up or re-start their career, or to those who are contemplating to volunteer, follow a course or further their education. We are also on LinkedIn for professional networking.

Outpost London also distributes Destinations, a Global Shell Expat quarterly publication. 

Departure: Through our global network we can give you assistance with and information on your next move, be it repatriation or another posting. We can also assist you with any questions you may have about leaving the UK.

Email us:

Visit us  Shell International Trading & Shipping Company, 80 Strand, 2nd Floor, Room 236 (entrances from Embankment Gardens and Strand)

Call us:  +44(0) 207546 2256/ 2236


Outpost London Opportunities


In the UK, VOLUNTEERING is recognized as work experience and is a valuable way to ensure that you fill the gaps in your CV.

Outpost London needs organized and committed volunteers to join us to help us support Shell employees and their families before and during a new assignment or repatriation and on departure from the UK, with non-contractual matters related to their move.

Contact us for more information.

Outpost London

Focal point: Marina Teoh
Office hours: Monday - Thursday 10.00 - 15.00 Friday - Closed
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish,Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Hakka, Tagalog, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and French
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