Career & Development Services at Outpost London

Within our Shell expatriate community it has become apparent that Career and Development support is often needed. Outpost London offers support, resources and guidance to our spouse/partner community who:

  • Are actively looking for a job
  • Want to consider their options/explore possibilities
  • Are interested in learning more about portable careers, returnships and entrepreneurship
  • Want to develop their skills and potential
  • Would like to find volunteering opportunities or work in the voluntary sector in a paid position
  • Consider setting up their own business or become self-employed


All Career and Development (C&D) support services are available at any time during the assignment. Our philosophy is to ‘help partners to help themselves'.

The C&D service focuses not only on career and professional development, but also on personal and brand development, in addition to an understanding of international mobility and that balancing working/course hours with personal life and family requirements may be essential.

Personal Consultancy

Our Career & Development (C&D) advisor can support you with connecting to partner resources, including our partner organisation FOCUS, in order to help you reassess your goals, which often change with a new posting and new opportunities in a new location.

Through a personal consultancy service, expatriate and repatriated partners are provided with information, advice, and guidance to help meet their career and development needs.

To book an appointment, and find out more about our partner network, simply contact us at

Events and Online Resources

Throughout the year Outpost London and our partners provide a variety of different workshops and information on networking events. Check out the Outpost Calendar of Events for all upcoming events.

Outpost London also invites all partners/spouses in the community to join our LinkedIn group, which is a private group and the one-stop-shop for resources, insights and relevant articles and trends. Please email us for more information and to request to join us on LinkedIn.

Inside Guide Career & Development

Outpost London has compiled a guide for spouses/partners looking for work and/or continuing their studies. Subjects discussed in the guide include practical information about work permits, national insurance and income tax, how to approach your job search or career counselling, information on voluntary work, the Partner Development Plan (PDP) and many useful websites and contacts. Please send us an e-mail if you want to receive the Inside Guide C&D or download it from our Library Section (please log in fist for access).



We treat all enquiries confidentially. No personal information is passed to Shell or any other party without your agreement. We keep basic records in a secure database so that we can provide you with the service you require.